Australian Mission to ASEAN

The Counter-Terrorism Conference

The threat of terrorism is a significant challenge for ASEAN, Australia and our broader region.

The Counter-Terrorism Conference on 16-17 March 2018 underscored the fundamental importance of regional collaboration to address the shared challenges of terrorism and violent extremism.



Recent terrorist attacks have highlighted the evolving threat to regional peace and security. The rising threat of terrorism was a shared, transnational challenge. To respond effectively, it was essential to deepen and sustain cooperation across the region. The scale and links between terrorist groups meant that countries in the region must work together even more closely, sharing information and lessons learned to keep their citizens safe. 

Senior counter-terrorism officials from Australian and ASEAN member governments convened at the Counter-Terrorism Conference with a view to enhancing regional connectivity and cooperation to combat terrorism and violent extremism. Officials  discussed how they could work together more effectively to combat this rapidly evolving threat, including through policy and law enforcement responses and by intensifying information sharing. The Conference built on existing senior engagement and the ASEAN-Australia Joint Declaration for Cooperation to Combat International Terrorism agreed by Leaders in 2016.

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